Project Description

The Doomsloop

Directed by Velo
Color Runtime: 90 minutes
Urban, Comedy, Horror, Found Footage
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Accused of foul play in the accidental deaths of his former girlfriends, internet sensation, Brick Maison uses his roommate’s camera phone, audition tapes and personal documentary footage to produce a vindicating film. Haunted by all of his past transgressions, Brick meets and falls in love with his true soul mate, and is forced to make some life changing decisions.



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Mixed DJ Q-Nice and Produced by DJ Velo

1.Tandy – What is the Doomsloop?
2. Dreams to Reality – Moc3
3. 4 Moms
4. Ms. Fat Booty
5. Rickonia – All Day Everyday
6. Hold On (Remix)
8. Kristy is in Love
9. It’s Alright – Q-Nice
10. Bad Habits (Remix)
11. Talk That Talk
12. Male PMS – Dina & Pilla
13. Whatever (Remix)
14. DJ Q-Nice Commercial
15. Brick Breaks Up With Kristy
16. Ex-Factor
17. One In A Million – Paulie Rhyme & Deedot & Moto
18. Problem Instrumental
19. Brick and Vanessa Discuss Things
20. Lose One – Moc3