Project Description

Hip Hop 4 Life

A film about the undergound hip-hop artist in the greater Cleveland area.

Rated PG-13

Producer: Jae Beasley
Director: David Velo Stewart
Music: Clarence Gaines


“Devon” played by Q-Nice, is an up-in-coming MC in Cleveland. He is coming to a point in his life where he needs to make a career decision: Either to graduate from college and enter the “Professional” world, or to pursue his dream of becoming a “Professional” MC. His intelligence is a hindrance as he is able to see the advantages and disadvantages of both sides. His girl-friend and father push him towards a more stable career, while his close friends encourage him to do Hip-Hop. Nonetheless, “Devon” enters a tournament to win a record deal. However, his neglect for school, family and the love of his life, leaves him in a strange situation when the mic is finally turned off.

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